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How To: Be Popular and Noticed

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 12:13 AM

Hello there curious Deviant! :iconmeowfaceplz:

So you are reading this now because you are either suffering from very few notice or exposure and feedback, or you are curious to increase your popularity, and get more viewers.

Being a known Artist here on Da is a challenge,  but once you accomplish that you are rewarded with quite a great things. The success of getting yourself or work noticed is dependable on many factors, and I will list those briefly so you can have a general Idea:

:bulletblue: One of the major factors of being known here is the Deviations themselves, nobody wants to watch a person who does nothing but commenting for example, upload some deviations, if you can't draw upload photographs, if that's even hard then submit a story or Poem. And keep your submissions organized and steady, never go out in regular inactive sessions.

:bulletblue: Always interact, you can't just upload Awesome Deviation and expect people to just come and fav your work. You have to work and earn the feedback of people, by both doing a great quality work and interacting with the community.

:bulletblue: Groups are a very good place to start from. Groups helps gather Artists with similar interests and showcase their Artworks, If you are good enough you might interest much of your peers and you will end up with a bulk amount of Watchers.

:bulletblue: Forums are a great place to find people, go there and post a couple threads, engage in discussions and be yourself. But be warned, never spam, otherwise you are risking a stain to your reputation and a possible Ban.

:bulletblue: Help out people, if you are a skilled Deviant then invest some time in lesser Deviants, fav their work, comment and tell them how to get better, even watch them if you think they got potential, you will never know how much people will be watching you back.

:bulletblue: Do Trades, Collabs, And Requests. These activities will bring in loyal friends and watchers, and leave Commissions aside for a while, and making money as well, you have to focus on making a name for yourself and you can't do that by charging people lots of money for a mediocre work.

:bulletblue: Share your DeviantART page out of DeviantART, make youtube videos, drawing tutorials, and even telling your real life friends and family about it!

Those should be enough to get you started! :iconsmile--plz:
Now onto the next part, stuff that you need to Aviod:

:bulletred: Never spam the forums or Groups with your promotional comments and links, nobody loves that and you might end up getting frowned upon.

:bulletred: Never Randomly comment on Artworks without looking at them, that is spam as well and none likes a spammer.

:bulletred: Don't be mean or even Arrogant, DA is no place for those type of people, in DA we help each other out, not abuse and disrespect each other.

:bulletred: Don't get into unnecessary fights, arguments and flame wars with people you really don't need to start trouble with. Just be yourself and be cool, don't be the image people hate to see.

:bulletred: And Finally don't stalk people, that is like commenting on every Deviation, sending them notes everyday, replying to all their Forum Threads, they will just feel creepy and might block you to Oblivion. Unless they are your friends then it is okay :iconlaugh-plz:

So that is it Folks, thanks for reading and I hope you benefited from a point or two. This Journal is aimed to the newly undiscovered deviants, if you are a Hardcore Metalcore Deviant then you don't need this, but thanks for reading and being Awesome! ^^

Wish you all the best and good luck!


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hong Kong

I'm Malik, and I love nothing more than drawing and creating art. I have been drawing ever since I was able to move, I think I even drew while I was an embryo haha.

I don't like to limit my drawing scope to a specific style, I love to draw in any medium and any artistic style. I love to draw in Japanese style, (Anime and Manga fellas! ;)), American Comic Book Style (With exaggerated muscles :D), wild surreal paintings and anything that is ART.

I breathe and live with art. I'm also a great Rock fan, a dedicated Heavy metal Metalhead and a Country Fan. Indeed, I got a wicked taste. XD
I also enjoy English Literature as well as American Literature, I also am a great admirer of the Works of Edgar Allan Poe!

And finally I would like to say that I'm quite honored and pleased to know such a great person as :iconshiroi-kamaitachi: <3

Favorite Group and My Groups:
:iconda-speedpaint: | :iconcreatures-n-monsters: :iconepic-dragons:


Hello there!

I have always been more a writer than an artist, I have been writing all my life, in all sorts of genres and purposes. So you can trust the motivation and dedication to writing I have in me.

To business!

Initially I will be offering my writing services in these areas:

- Novels
- Short Stories
- Role Playing writings
- OC related commissions
- Comic book writing
- Other, books or whatever

Please note me if interested, my prices will depend on the amount of labor. Also if you have any questions ask them here please.

Thanks for your precious time!
It was not a gradual realization through years of parenting, living with an emotionally dull husband, or even endless house chores. It was not an epiphany that one day finally presented itself into the mind of Emily, in the form of recollecting all the bad memories. All the lost rights and wasted dreams of individuality.

Emily was a good wife. A good Christian, All-American good wife. She had kids that friends were envying, wishing their boys were as respectful as Adam. Crying for their daughters to be as wise as Sima, wishing their daughters loved books the way Sima did.

Emily rarely ever complained, when she did she made sure it was the healthy kind, the one that makes marriages. She was a strong woman, but she knew when to be smart and keep the nagging type of spouse seen in the daytime soup operas she watched- when waiting for the oven to bake a good bunch of cupcakes for Adam- out of the house. Out of her marriage.

It was not a gradual realization. "None is to blame, or maybe there is someone I ought to blame. Maybe I really know who to blame. Can I blame her? Can I blame Emily? Can I? Can you Emily? Is it really your conscious doing?"


The grass was damp underneath Emily's slippers, soft blades caressed her pale toes as she walked over the frontyard. The mailboy missed again, she had always hoped he would aim somehwere else, anywhere else but the damp grass. She picked up the freshly thrown newspaper, it felt damp, must have been there a while. She must have woken up a bit late this morning, late as in five A.M.

She always made it out just in time to see the sloppy mailboy a few houses away, slopply throwing out newspapers into mowed lawns. She was a bit late today, she yawned and tucked the newspaper underneath her arm. The sky was slowly giving away the cue for sunrise seremonies.

Birds waking up and flying off from the trees, Mr. Davison walking out into his porch and lightining up a cigarette. "Morning Emily!" He'd politely yell. He was just over fifty, but had the charm of a sophomore Alpha. Mr. Davison wasn't out yet, he too was mildly late.

Emily looked at the end of the street, both ends. She always did. She never knew why, never really gave it much thought. Probably a territorial form of survivalism instinct; she would laugh at the thought of that. She walked back inside and set the newspaper on the keys table, the frontpage headline was a cheesy jab at poor International Policies of the newest government. She nodded away the political thoughts slowly making form in her head, instead thought of waking Adam, her son.

She walked upstairs to Adam's room, passing by her bedroom and her husband's. Passing by a portrait of her grandmother who passed away last year, passing by Sima's room.


No alien faces stickers, no nuke bombs posters or "stay out" signs. Adam was simply happy to have those words written on his bedroom door by his mother. She was skilled with the pen, they all inherited it, but they still preferred their mother's handwriting. One that amazignly gave out more than just meaning to words, whatever she wrote or scribbled always had soul. She gently knocked, "Adam dear, wake up it's almost six." It was five thirty, short a few minutes even.

Adam didn't respond, muffled grunts were heard behind the painted wooden door, creamy white. Emily walked inside and stood before her son, who was slowly opening his eyes. A blurry clutter of low light and colors was slowly forming into a sensible picture, into a familiar figure.
He saw there, standing before his bed, a woman in her late thirties. She had a blonde short hair, softened by a pillow, but remarkably not that messy. She stood at an average height, a feminine tall, with cheeks freshly decorated by a subtle but comforting smile. She wore a light blue pajama blouse, and a stripped pajama pants that matched the blouse. She had slippers on, surprisingly clean and damp. Toes shiny in the low light; the slow creep of the sunlight through the window highlighted the dampness of her skin. Her face slowly cleared up in his vision, greenish eyes, greenish almond eyes and a beautiful smile. He smiled back and raised his arm from beneath his pillow.

"I'm up, Mom."
"I will go make us some breakfast, knock on Sima's on your way to the toilet." She ordered, friendly. Walked out.

By 6:30 A.M the whole family was in the kitchen, enjoying Emily's hearty pancakes and lemon juice. There would be some chatter about noises made last night in the neighborhood, mostly Old Griffin causing a rap in his garage next door. Or Adam thumping in his room, excited about some teenage spirit things. There was no Angst, no teenage angst really, Adam's only flaws were probably his tendencies to cause scenes unannounced. Or even his constant laughters which weren't really the annoying sharp ones.

Sima slowly played with her food, probably living elsewhere; in one of her books as she blandly fed herself. She was not really awake, not until she was in school. When she really got her wake up shout by hearing a new fact or knowledge, but at the table she remained a calm and silent Sister. Reading anything new on the table, reading the entertainment section of the newspaper- not because she was interested in gossips, but because that was what she could read while the newspaper was in her Father's hands. She would struggle to read the little words so far away from her eyes, she had to squint a few times and that drew the laughter of Adam. She would remain unaffected.

Emily watched as her Husband drove the family SUV away to the end of the street, vanishing slowly the way the mailboy always did. Her husband had taken both the kids to school, then headed to the city for his daily wrestle in the corporate world. She remained in the kitchen, lighted a cigarette and watched the sunlight seep in through the kitchen window.

She had her little secrets. She had the right to have secrets. Her secret, one of the few, was that cigarette. Her husband used to smoke, she convinced him to quit last year, a little after her Grandma's funeral.


Her phone vibrated, the stream of thoughts she had (about how she was still smoking, about how she should either stop or one day think of a way to convince Him not to pick it up again, the habit of smoking), interrupted, she smothered the stick.

"3 messages from Donna"
"2 Messages from Allan"
"New message from Amanda"

She opened the message from Amanda, a morning greeting and a question. "Wanna tag along for an early mart shopping?"

She put down her phone and headed for the shower. She didn't rush it, she knew how much of a not-so-punctual person Amanda was, so she enjoyed the shower. An hour later Emily had started the old Wagon and headed for the nearby supermarket. The sun still wasn't that high up the sky, there was a cool breeze that fired up goosebumps all over Emily's skin as she parked her wagon. The parking lot was empty, an old lady was entering the supermarket in the distant view. Amanda's car was nowhere to be seen. Emily sighed.


"You waited much?" Amanda laughed softly as she was assiting Emily to pick up healthy potatos.
"Define 'much'." Emily said, her eyes inspecting the price tags on the packed vegetable servings. Amanda laughed.

"Hard times sister!"
"And they are here to pass," Emily replied, followed with a sarcastic but cheerful "Yay!"

Emily saw the old woman from earlier, pushing the shopping cart, alone. There were some vegetables in her cart, some water bottles. And potatoes. Emily droped the potatoes and told Amanda she didn't want any.
The old woman noticed the younger Emily, looking at her, brooding unconsciously. Emily noticed, she expected a friendly smile to which she would exchange with a hearty grin. But there was none. The old woman seemed subtly, gravely, monotonous. Not depressed or sad. Just monotonous. Alone.

Something fell from the shelves and cracked in Emily's head and heart. Something soft but not much fragile.

Nobody heard it. Emily dismissed it and went back to the potatoes, much to Amanda's slow surprise.
The Guilty Pleasure Secrets Chapter 1
I am starting a new project, namely a novel that I am willing to see it end. This one is a Romance\Drama about two people from seprate parts of the world having an affair. It is a tale of rediscovering the meaning of love, purpose and loyalty.

This is the complete first chapter, please read and let me know your thoughts which are more than welcome.

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